Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Engage11! Grand Cayman Wedding Summit Recap

Eight days away from home and a whole lot of inspiration later Engage11! was once again an experience to remember. Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce brought the best of the best in the wedding industry together for an experience words can not express.

It was amazing to spend time with our industry greats like::

Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings
Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress
Carley Roney of The Knot Inc
Bryan Rafanelli- Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Planner
Jasmine Star
Todd Fiscus- Tony Romo's Wedding Planner
Andy & Brian Marcus- Photographers of the Stars
Marcy Blum- NYC's Top Wedding Planner
David Beahm- Fashion & Socialites Event Designer
Mindy Weiss- Celebrity Wedding Planner
Michelle Lord Rago- Destination Wedding Planner
Shira Savada- Real Weddings Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings
Rebecca Crumley Weddings Photo Director of The Knot
Jill Meister- Media Production & Consulting
Angela Desveaux founder of WedLuxe
Harmony Walton founder of Bridal Bar
Sean Low- The Business of Being Creative Founder
Ceci Johnson- Couture Invitation and Branding Design
Sylvia Weinstock- Most Famous Cake Creator
Ed Libby- Amazing Floral & Event Designer

In the MOST "event" possible, I want to share with you two recap videos of my time in Cayman! More pictures to follow in later posts but for now, enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2&3

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vendor Collaboration:: Arizona Foothills Magazine

The one and only Gina Meola asked my husband and I if we wanted to be her bride and groom models for an upcoming photo shoot she was doing. While I said "YES!" right away my hubby didn't find it quite as exciting as I did.

As you can see below, he did it, he looked SO handsome and we had so much fun.

It was honestly like we got married all over again AND we like our look SO much that these pictures just might replace some from our real day.

We joke that our children are going to think we got married 50 times and not know which pictures are our real ones!

For a full vendor list and details about the shoot scroll to the bottom!
Gina, you are so gifted. Seriously. Amazing.
Rings were borrowed from the owner of this private boat Suzy Alofs. That girl has more style than any girl I know!!

Red soles, what else is there to say?
He looks so good in suits...my favorite thing ever.
Dinner with amazing friends!
I always get this dressed up for dinner. It's just what I do.

Fashion Stylist: Alex of AVE Styles
Matthew Christopher Wedding Gown: Mariee Bridal
Shoes and Wardrobe: Sakes Firth Avenue
Catering: Creative Hands Cuisine
Florals and Decor: Encore Creative
Sweet Treats: Tammie Coe Cakes
Venue Rental: Bella Palazzo
Hair and Makeup: Arthur Frederico
Stationery: The Paper Place

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Countdown Begins:: Engage! 11 Grand Del Mar Recap

3 days until I leave for Cayman and 5 days until the festivities of Engage! begin!!!!

A personal kick off to celebrate Engage! I have decided to do a mini recap of Engage!11 at Grand del Mar back in June. It was an incredible week to remember!!!

Upon arrival each guests received their welcome bag!The foyer of the welcome reception was dressed to impress with a stunning bridal silhouette covered in florals by none other than Karen Tran.Each gift bag was stocked with tiny details and fun welcome gifts!!! From Stationary by Mindy Weiss to cake in a jar it was a perfect way to kick off the festivities.Opening ceremonies with lots of motivational speeches by wedding industry professionals, perfectly place and accessorized furniture for guests to sit, and beautiful linens that made it feel like it might as been a wedding!
The red linens reminded me of Dorothy's slippers. SO blingy!!!
Me clapping! Someone must have said something GREAT!
The welcome party on The Grand del Mar's lawn. Natural woods, orchids, Aspen trees and food trucks. PERFECT combo!
This was a HUGE over sized violin like instrument that reached over and across the heads of guests. It was truly amazing.
We didn't just go to Engage! for the parties but to learn from our industries TOP professionals!!! The ambiance was stunning and a perfect seat to soak in all the amazing-ness that was about to come our way.
Monique Lhuillier was a guest speaker that day. Starting her company in her early twenties and only 39 at Engage! last year. So inspirational.
Even snack breaks are not boring at Engage! A strawberry display with everything BERRY-beautiful graced us in the foyer. Details, Details, Details!!!!
Lunch was hosted by the one and only Miss. Sylvia Weinstock. She literally built a cake as we eat lunch. She started her now WORLD famous cakes when she was 50 years young. SEE anything is possible!!!
HEY! It's me. ;)
Back to hearing speakers after lunch was MY personal favorite Marcy Blum. She is a very talented and amazing Wedding Planner from NYC.
Then there is the WEST Coast Goddess MRS. Mindy Weiss. When she speaks you can hear her passion for what she does. She is gifted, beautiful and so nice.
Jen O'Sullivin & I. SHE is an extremely talented photographer from Los Angeles.
Our final night was hosted, designed and planned by Mindy Weiss. It was OVER-THE-TOP stunning and vibrant. The centerpieces alone made me feel so if I was walking into Wonderland right behind Alice!
YEP, that's me! Dancing with Todd from Todd events in Dallas. I LOVE him!
My Engage! BBF Dennis. I can't wait to see him in Cayman!!!
I love photo booth pictures and when you are working events it's rare you actually get to jump into one!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine Event:: Time Lapse Video by Serendipity Videography

Caution:: Executing an event is MUCH harder than this time laspe from Serendipity Videography makes it look.

If you look carefully you might be able to see me. I swear I was there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Life In Between:: A View from a Wedding Planner's iPhone

Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters.
Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific.
Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation. - Alan Cohen

Even if you know me well, you probably don't know that over the past 12 months I have had to be more flexible, stable, strong and trusting in God than I have in a very very very long time.

It's rare I share anything that is even remotely difficult for me with others. I'm too much of a people pleaser to even THINK about it.

However, what you might know is that this year has also been one of the absolute best of my life.

It's learning how to stand after you have been on your knees that makes you strong. I would re-live each and every brought-to-my-knees-from-hardship day over and over again because I know I have become the person I am because of them.

Every day that I wake up next to my husband, take my dogs on a walk and hear my moms voice through the phone is one more day I feel truly blessed.

I have been so excited about posting another The Life In between blog post because it is my chance to share the little things that make me feel so lucky and make my life so amazing with you.

Stop and see......what's on your cell phone camera? What do your blessings look like?

My 21st birthday was SO fun *wishful thinking*. My beautiful, smart and amazing friend Maggie took this picture at FIG & OLIVE in West Hollywood during my birthday dinner!!! I LOVE when cakes have one candle it's so sweet and simplistic...AND makes you feel young!

Do you watch Entourage? Well, if you don't wait until next summer, rent the DVD series, cuddle with someone you love and watch them....all in a row. OR if you have a life watch one at a time.....why does this matter? Well, Vito's is our VERY favorite pizza place in Hollywood and they were featured on the first episode of the show this season. Which meant the next episode we had to order and eat it as we watched. Product Placement Works.

Before you judge me, let me say that I am confident enough in myself to be able to admit that I watch RHOBH {Real Housewives of Beverly Hills} and my favorite restaurant in Beverly Hills just happens to be Villa Blanca that Lisa owns. Not to mention the menus there alone are perfect branding inspiration!!!!

What I wouldn't do to have this cake in front of me now! UGH. I am a choc-o-holic. Obsessed. My amazing aunt, uncle and cousin got this for me during our visit to Utah. I ate two pieces, fast, and then felt sick. I would do it again....and again...and again.....so worth it.

We made our annual summer trip to Jackson Hole, WY to spend time with both my family AND my in laws {YES, that makes over 10 people in one house!}!!! This is the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar that we put on our boots for! Because that's just what you do in Jackson. YEE HAW!

Heaven. Kayaking down the Snake River. We saw three bald eagles and watched the sunset behind the Grand Tetons. Don't let the oar deceive you. I didn't row once, it really would have taken the enjoyment out of the experience. That's why my buff husband has big arm muscles because I let him use them.

Can you guess where I am in this picture? YOU win! Arizona is correct. 116 degrees. I can't explain how that feels besides burning. You are basically melting away.

My "Boyfriend" LOVES this shirt. So much he took a pic of me in it. I bought this shirt 2 months into us dating {sounds fast but we got engaged after 6 months!} and will never get rid of it!

The JW Marriott Desert Ridge went out of their way this summer to give Wedding Planners in Arizona a weekend to remember. They let us stay with our families, eat at their restaurants, enjoy their spa, and hang out at the pool for a weekend to just relax. This was the view from our room. It was an amazing weekend we will never forget. Thank you for making us feel so special JW!!!

Spending the last night at the JW with Hannah {Wedding Apprentice for Ashley Gain Weddings} and Drew of Life Design events. Soon after this picture I broke into my Kathy Lee impression. If you are lucky someday you can see it too.

Bride & Groom Magazine asked me to be the planner of their annual wedding industry event. It was a night I will forever remember. From a dancer on a swing high above the air, to feathers, beautiful centerpieces and amazing friends. I was honored to be the planner. I can't wait to share pictures taken by Hagerty Photography and a time lapse of the set-up by Serendipity Videography!!! Stay tuned to see!